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“BTL Outruns ATL” What’s The Clue?

     As long as you don’t interact with your customers, you would never come to  understand the nuances of your business. It’s crucial for every company to get reviews from  the customers in order to update themselves and provide the best they can. After you establish  brand persona through print media, radio, television, you need to move to the customer.     Below the Line (BTL) marketing works for direct marketing focussed on first-hand  information about the service/ product. BTL marketing helps you know the direct response of  the customer. It’s based on customer satisfaction and innovative ways to reach the customer  with creative inputs towards customer satisfaction.      The ATL marketing system is a passive mode of communication. BTL marketing  ranges from activation campaigns to almost getting directly in touch with the customers  where they can promote the brand in person and attend the customer reviews. This is the  basic and straightforward reason